Shane Krauser Announces The Launch of his Book “Your Nation To Save”

October 26 05:12 2022
Shane Krauser’s inspiring book revolves around the U.S. Constitution, America’s unique freedom experiment, and how to reignite the cause of liberty.

The U.S. Constitution is explained in detail in the second edition of “Your Nation to Save,” published in 2015.  “Your Nation To Save” lays out all the specifics that encourage people to embrace the responsibility of protecting liberty and the rule of law. This book could very well revitalize America. 

Every clause in America’s founding charter is discussed in this book, along with a clear, understandable explanation. This book has been used in public and private schools nationwide, adopted by liberty organizations around the globe, and has landed in the hands of lawmakers in several states and the corridors of Washington, D.C.

This book serves as the quickest method to become proficient with the details of America’s ruling document and ought to be mandatory reading in all American classrooms. Political activists need this book now more than ever. If Americans want to successfully implement constructive change in the way the United States is governed, we must learn about and grasp what the Constitution entails.

After finishing this book, readers felt as though their entire perspective on liberty changed significantly. Many consider it the most comprehensive, yet simple, exposition of the U.S. Constitution they have yet to find. Shane Krauser is a virtuoso at explaining anything around freedom and the U.S. Constitution in a way that even a layperson can grasp.

According to one reader – “No one makes the argument for the U.S. Constitution fulfilling the promise of liberty established in the Declaration of Independence more persuasively than Shane Krauser within the book YOUR NATION TO SAVE.”

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About Shane Krauser

Shane Krauser is undoubtedly one of the most eloquent and dynamic speakers on liberty and the U.S. Constitution. Many refer to him as “the nation’s best educator of the Constitution.” He earned his J.D. from the University of Utah after completing his B.A. at Arizona State University. Along with teaching at both the Phoenix and Glendale police academies, he worked as a trial lawyer for 14 years (prosecutor and criminal defense attorney). He also taught constitutional law for fifteen years at two distinct Arizona institutions. He had a radio show broadcast for more than three years and testified before the United States Congress. He has given more than 2000 speeches on liberty around the world, including those in Mexico, Peru, and Canada. 

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