New Provider to Bring Cheap CDN to Asia

October 26 12:12 2022
BlazingCDN aims to lower CDN costs in Asia through lower overhead and an efficient private network

BlazingCDN, a content delivery network (CDN), announced today that they have brought their cheap CDN to Asia. Through their program, they aim to help companies deliver content worldwide at top speeds and at a low cost.

“What we are doing is eliminating the need for companies to spend a lot of money on CDNs when they could be spending it on marketing or product development,” BlazingCDN’s CEO said. “We are able to provide the same service as our higher priced competitors while delivering the same quality of content.”

BlazingCDN recently updated their pricing in Asia, providing their services in the region at an even more affordable rate. The company works with their corporate clients at speeds starting at $0.005 per gigabyte, with some clients receiving an additional 60% discount with large volumes of traffic. These faster speeds allow companies to focus on other parts of their business knowing their internet is taken care of in an area of the world that sees the highest CDN prices.

BlazingCDN has been able to offer this new pricing due to their own internal evaluations. They are able to keep their marketing costs down. Additionally, the company operates its own private network, allowing them to control the costs.

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BlazingCDN was created by a team of experts who are developing the best CDN experience for the last 21 years. They really care about their clients’ sites and they develop tailor-made solutions.

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