Boxiebag introduces the planet’s best reusable bag: Envisioned for shopping, but perfect for everything.

February 01 21:12 2023
Boxiebag has unveiled its innovative and insulated reusable bag that no family should be without.

Plastic shopping bags are wreaking havoc on the environment, helping to fill oceans with microplastics and threatening the general health of the planet. Studies show that the average person is responsible for more than 500 plastic bags annually, which take up to 1000 years to decompose. What makes matters worse is that plastic bags are not actually the best and most practical design for their intended use; they’re hard to pack, allow the items inside to shift with every movement, and jumble around or fall open when in the car.  

In efforts to alleviate the planet of this plastic onslaught and to relieve the general public of the plastic bags’ impractical design and purpose, Boxiebags have now debuted.  

Boxiebags, which are both collapsible and reusable, are more “box” than “bag.” Featuring sturdy straps that make them easy to carry when filled and a convenient two-fold lid that secures tight with Velcro, Boxiebags stack neatly upon one another, making it easy to get groceries from store to car (even over that stretch of yellow bumps when leaving the sidewalk). They’re also super easy to load into the car using either the top or convenient side handles. Boxiebags are also fully insulated, so from errand to errand, or no matter how long the ride home may be, it keeps frozen foods cool and hot foods warm. 

Boxiebag users also quickly realize that the grocery store is only the beginning. When heading out for the day to the beach, a picnic, or the kids’ soccer game, grabbing a Boxiebag and filling it with everything needed becomes a smart and dependable go-to solution. And because up to five folded Boxiebags will fit neatly into a single opened one, they are easy to store neatly in the car, ready to go at a moment’s notice. 

One curious downside – when out and about using Boxiebags, people will ask about the bag…seriously. In over one year of real-world consumer “road-testing,” 87 percent of grocery store staff asked the users where they got them, and at least 70 percent of shopping trips nearby shoppers inquired about where they could buy one. This is why the creators of Boxiebag decided to include a QR code on the side that takes people right to when scanned with any smartphone. 

Another consistent comment from the year-long trials is that users found the addition of Boxiebags to their daily routine “life-changing.” All would laugh and admit the sentiment could sound a bit overstated, but once using Boxiebags, each couldn’t imagine life without them. And thanks to, they won’t have to. 

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