Beachbells: Fitness at the Beach or On the Road with Lightweight and Portable Fitness Equipment

February 01 21:57 2023
New exercise equipment can add excitement to a person’s routine or even help them begin a fitness journey. Beachbells, an Australian brand with USA delivery locations, has devised an ingenious way to get beach workouts in with portable kettlebells.

BEACHBELLS are portable, lightweight kettlebells with adjustable weights designed for beach use, providing the user with a full-body workout. Anyone of any fitness level can use them; all the user needs to do is fill it with sand weighing between 3 and 45 pounds, depending on their preference.

An opportunity arose because of the Pandemic crisis, and Beachbells gained popularity worldwide as people adapted and sought new ways to exercise outside. Beachbells was founded in September 2019, just before the COVID-19 Pandemic by Andy Coley. They are an Australian company with USA-based delivery locations

“When you use a Beachbell, you can get a full-body workout. You will be able to burn more calories in less time, build more muscles, increase strength and lose weight,” says Andy Coley.

“Beachbells began with a love of the outdoors and an active lifestyle,” he explained. “Our goal is to create a strong community where we can all get together to work out and have fun at the beach. Beach workouts are great for mental and physical health,” he added.

Like kettlebells, one of the most significant advantages of Beachbells is power endurance.

Beachbells training combines strength training with a high-intensity cardio workout, giving one an overall full-body workout. Their exercises are great for an intense full-body workout to build strength and muscle tone, burn calories and lose weight.

Every day, Andy observed locals lugging their equipment from their cars. He saw plenty of outdoor workout equipment but none with the versatility of a kettlebell or a dumbbell. According to Coley, Beachbells are simple to transport. “Instead of carrying heavy weights when traveling or working out at the beach, all you need is a beachbell. Its one-of-a-kind design produces a solid kettlebell for high-performance exercise and a durable, high-quality product with a two-year guarantee,” says Coley.

Beachbells’ distinct and straightforward design allows anyone of any fitness level to work out on the beach in three simple steps:


Fill the Beachbell with the desired sand weight, using the bag’s weight markings to guide how much sand is required.


Remove the air by folding at the sand, rolling the end, and clipping it together. The patented pending design of Beachbell compresses the sand together to create a tight, compact effect.


The Beachbells website contains a plethora of workout ideas to assist users in burning fat and increasing muscle tone.

Customer Testimonials

Made with solid aluminium handles and structured PVC, the high-quality design has left customers amazed at how long they last. Each beachbells comes with a 2-year guarantee.

“These are ideal for beach workouts. I like how light it is and how easy it is to transport. It can be filled with sand and used for various exercises. Beachbells are an essential piece of equipment for any beach workout enthusiast.” 

“Their high-quality design and durability have me in awe! They are a perfect and useful piece of equipment.”

“The Beachbells are a lifesaver for me because I live near the beach and enjoy outdoor workouts. I spend a lot of time at the beach! I’m grateful for this equipment because it allows me to complete all my exercises while enjoying the sand!”

For more information or to purchase any of Beachbells products, individuals are invited to visit their website below. For beach workouts, please visit their blog at WOD.

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