SunGoldPower Introduces a Home Solar Power System Solution

February 06 23:18 2023
SunGoldPower Introduces a Home Solar Power System Solution
SunGoldPower is a leading green energy company in Newport Beach, CA. They provide an off-grid solar power system for homes consisting of a proprietary photovoltaic panel, inverter charger, and battery.

Newport Beach, CA – SunGoldPower, a leading provider of solar energy solutions, announced the launch of a new solar power system for home. The new product comes as part of an effort to offer consumers more options regarding clean energy usage. “We are excited about the new opportunities that this system will give our customers,” said the CEO of Sun Gold Power Co.,ltd. He added, “This is one of the many steps we have taken to advance our green energy business and make it more accessible for everyone.”

SunGoldPower is a vertically integrated solar energy company that designs, installs, and maintains all of its solar panels. SunGoldPower’s home solar power system consists of a proprietary photovoltaic panel, inverter charger, and battery. The solar panel absorbs sunlight to generate electricity and the battery stores the electricity until it is needed.

The company’s solar energy system is available in multiple designs, requires little or no maintenance, and can be installed on a home in as little as a day. The system is expected to yield consumer savings almost immediately through reduced energy costs, and many will qualify for rebates, making the initial investment worthwhile. Furthermore, SunGoldPower also expects to cut down on air pollution through its use of renewable energy.

SunGoldPower, a leading off-grid solar inverter manufacturer, is continuously developing and improving its products to fit the needs of its customers better. SunGoldPower offers various products for various uses, including residential, agricultural, commercial, and industrial systems. Their products are high-quality and meet different customer requirements. With continuous improvements and innovation, SunGoldPower’s products can be widely used for indoor and outdoor life-house, camping, RV systems, trailers, and boat applications, which is perfect for off-grid systems or an emergency backup supply.

About Sun Gold Power Co.,ltd

SunGoldPower is a leading renewable energy company based in Newport Beach, CA. SunGoldPower was founded in 2010 by a famous engineer, helping millions of customers worldwide get off-grid life and improve their living environment with green power systems. The SunGoldPower products, like the Lifep04 battery, are manufactured in the United States with the highest quality standards and strictest quality control procedures. Each unit is thoroughly tested to verify performance under extreme weather conditions and temperature ranges.

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