Sungold Solar introduces State-of-the-art Balcony Solar Systems for Home Users

February 10 23:02 2023
Sungold Solar introduces State-of-the-art Balcony Solar Systems for Home Users
Sungold’s balcony solar system is designed with brilliant features to generate electricity at home from solar energy. The entire setup is user-friendly and easy to operate which makes it a must-have product for every home.

Shenzen, China – Sungold Solar, an innovative venture, has come out with a next-gen solar panel system specially designed for home balconies. Packed with outstanding features, this product promises to be a game-changer in the clean energy industry. Sungold’s solar panel system has been thoughtfully crafted and is set to delight homeowners with its multi-purpose design and functionality. Sungold Solar is proud to introduce its flagship product that allows users to generate free electricity for virtually all their power requirements at home.

“We wanted to develop a smart solar panel system that goes beyond existing solar systems and enhances user experience. Our balcony solar system has been designed for quick and easy installation without any hassles. We are always looking to bring innovation to our product line,” says a spokesperson from Sungold Solar.

For their home balconies, customers can choose between colored solar panels and regular rigid solar panels. The colored glass solar panels are designed to enhance the beauty of your balcony. The panels are equipped with aluminum brackets making it easy to fix the solar panel on the railing. Special care has been taken to ensure that the panel modules are durable and strong to withstand harsh weather conditions.

The flexible solar panels are much lighter and thinner as compared to rigid solar panels, which makes it a breeze to install them on the balcony railing by just connecting the straps. Based on the size of the balcony and your power requirements, the support team at Sungold Solar can help you determine the optimal solar panel modules to maximize power generation and increase your savings.


The product team has greatly simplified the process of setting up solar panels for house owners. Once the panel has been attached to the balcony, the wiring of the panel is connected to a micro-inverter. The micro-inverter is then connected to the outlet on the balcony with the power cord. The power outlet supplies the current to the entire home grid.

Another striking feature of the solar system is that the micro-inverter comes equipped with a WIFI and helps monitor the power generation of the whole system. The system has a mobile app that can be used to monitor the amount of electricity generated by the solar panels, the amount of electricity used in the home grid, and even the electricity that is recycled by the grid.

The solar panel system boasts unmatched durability and performance. Made from industrial-grade PV materials, the solar panel reflects light into the interior to enhance power generation. The frame is crafted from aluminum alloy and the corners are UV resistant, making it ideal for outdoor use. With a high-efficiency PERC shingled solar cell, the solar panel delivers 320 watts of power in just 20 minutes of exposure to strong sunlight. Its waterproof construction makes it suitable for use in any weather conditions.

Sungold Solar has incorporated a host of intelligent features in the product. The design team has infused their vivid imagination and in-depth research into designing a product that is set to be a clear winner in its category of products.

“Our solar panels are made of top-quality material to strengthen their durability and extend their useful life,” explains the spokesperson from the company. “We are committed to delivering only the best quality products to our consumers. We thoroughly test all our products before they are launched into the market.”

Led by professional management and backed by a strong track record of delivering innovative solutions for their customers and the community at large, Sungold Solar is poised to script a phenomenal success story.

About Sungold Solar

Sungold Solar manufactures an extensive range of robust and reliable solar panels backed by its cutting-edge R&D and more than two decades of expertise in this field.

Sungold flexible solar panels use the world’s first patented material for greater durability. The solar panels use A+ grade mono cells for the highest power output.

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