Grief and Gratitude: Embrace Your Soul’s Journey to Joy, Love, and Abundance After Loss By Nancy Jalowiecki Sullivan.

February 17 20:12 2023

Grief. If you have ever experienced it, or are experiencing it now, you know it has the ability to take everything you have ever dreamed of from you, if you let it. Grief and Gratitude:

Embrace Your Soul’s Journey to Joy, Love, and Abundance After Loss is the story of one woman’s journey with grief after the loss of her baby son and her young husband. Nancy Jalowiecki Sullivan’s story of courage and transformation is one that will inspire you to step into life again. 

If you are grieving but know that there has to be more to life, this is the book for you. Nancy’s engaging storytelling invites you on an adventure with her, one that will inspire you to find gratitude for your life and all it has given you. A gratitude that maybe you thought you could never feel again. It is from this place that she will ask you to embrace your own soul’s journey. A journey that will find you recapturing joy, love, and abundance in your life.

While it may seem hard to believe that grief and gratitude can stand alongside each other in your life, Nancy’s book will prove without a doubt that it is possible. If you are ready to say yes to life. If you are ready to say yes to love. If you are ready to say yes to new experiences, maybe even adventure. But most importantly, if you are ready to say yes to YOU, then Grief and Gratitude was written for you.

You will join Nancy as she takes her life back turning her grief into her ally accepting and going through it with courage. She shares how she helped herself heal through honoring the memory of her husband, by taking the trip of a lifetime, and allowing herself to find love again. Ultimately, she chose life again, and so will you. 

By the end of this book, you will be ready to embrace you, your life, and all of the opportunities to come with gratitude.  But more importantly you will know that you are worthy of joy, happiness and all that this beautiful and abundant world has to offer.  You will be ready to do all of this because Nancy engages you in your own process from beginning to end. Yes, it can seem overwhelming at first.  Nancy has lived through this process more than once and has developed the tools she needed to work through her grief. In Grief and Gratitude, she generously shares these tools with you, ultimately inviting you to begin your own journey by connecting with your soul, that part of you that is pure love that protects and guides you. 

In Nancy’s own words:

“Grief is a process. Yours will be different from mine. Mine will be different from that of my children. Theirs will be different from that of their friends. But with all of that said, it is a process you need to undertake. Go through it and allow it to change you. Allow yourself to cry, to scream, to be angry, to retreat from the world and to feel everything you need to feel to come out on the other side, stronger. You matter. Your life matters. Grief does not define you. Death does not define you. Life does. 

How you choose to live your life going forward is up to you. Only you can make the choice to live again. Only you can seek the help you need to rise up from the ashes and embrace the real you.  Only you can find happiness for yourself!”

Are you ready to choose life? Are you ready to embrace your soul’s journey? Are you ready to embrace love, joy and abundance after loss? You can and you will! Visit the website at and reach out. A copy can be purchased on Amazon as well.

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