Newly Launched Web Platform is Helping to Solve Recruitment Problems in the United Kingdom, Connects Employers with Applicants Seamlessly

February 21 19:56 2023 is a newly launched website that is designed to make recruitment easy for employers and applicants in the United Kingdom, eliminating bottlenecks and heavy cost implications experienced in the past

Around the globe, the recruitment industry is a significant player in the job market, serving as a middleman between job seekers and employers. In the United Kingdom, the recruitment industry generates an annual turnover of £40 billion by charging employers for their services of finding suitable candidates for their job openings. However, this focus on making money has resulted in the creation of an industry that often neglects the needs of both job applicants and employers. The narrative is changing as a new platform and marketplace has been launched to connect employers and job seekers in a seamless, cost-friendly manner.

The launch of aimed to provide employers with a platform to post job openings and receive applications from interested candidates. The platform is entirely free for both employers and job seekers, intending to connect qualified individuals with suitable job openings. offers a cost-free opportunity for employers to find potential employees while providing a straightforward job search process for applicants.

Kaplunk was founded by a businessman who was once a frustrated job applicant. He realized the enormous profits that traditional recruitment agencies are pocketing from charging commission and recruiter fees. Kaplunk is a unique platform for recruitment in that it promotes diverse and inclusive working environments, eliminates the need for payments, fees, or commissions, and provides an ethical service where applicants connect directly with the employers – no middlemen.

On Kaplunk, employers have the option to post their job vacancies without any cost, while job seekers can upload their CVs and apply for job openings. The company thrives on the core values of accountability, transparency, integrity, and kindness. Undoubtedly, Kaplunk is the revolution the recruitment industry in the United Kingdom has needed and now it has finally arrived.

About Kaplunk

Kaplunk is a revolutionary employment community platform founded by a businessman who, having experienced the frustrations of being a job applicant, identified the huge profits made by traditional recruitment agencies through commission and recruiter fees. With a turnover of approximately £40 billion per year, these fees are often charged for simply sorting through applications.

Determined to challenge the ethics of this practice, Kaplunk’s founder set out to create a unique platform that directly connects job seekers with potential employers, while eliminating the need for intermediaries and the associated fees. By cutting out the middleman, Kaplunk offers a more streamlined approach to job recruitment that benefits both employers and job seekers alike.

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