New Book Release: Time To Love by Gernald Hawkins

February 23 20:08 2023
New Book Release: Time To Love by Gernald Hawkins

Gernald Hawkins is an author looking forward to making his brilliant and one-of-a-kind storytelling skills known to the world. And for that, he has released his first book titled, Time To Love, a fictional novel that fits perfectly in today’s generation.

In the words of the author, Time To Love is “a story that is indeed an emotional roller coaster. A riveting story of hope, love, truth, and reconciliation. In reading this story, there will be a time where you will laugh, a time where you will cry, a time where you will sit at the edge of your seat, and a time where you will pause and reflect.”

What’s unique about Gernald’s book is that this is unlike any novel you will come across. Very few authors have emerged who bring creativity and relevance to the current era in their writing, and for Gernald, the book resolves around racism and hate.

Racism has become one of the most recurring issues, killing whatever kindness was left. Yet, few people today are sticking by their belief in treating people with respect and love. Gernald decided to take advantage of this massive problem by developing a story about two men. One of them is a white countryman who is an unforgiving enslaver and hates black people, while the other is an African American who hates white people because he feels they all are born to be racists.

With that being said, this book will become a perfect example for the current and upcoming generations to read and understand that hate gets us nowhere. We as human beings are imperfect, but we can change the most essential thing that destroys our character.  We are the ones that have to live it, or live with our choices. Gernald’s message is quite simple, but it is easier said than done.

Make sure to order your copy of Time To Love from the author’s website or any online platform.

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