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February 28 23:52 2023

Accentus Language Services, A Translation Company Based In London are proud to announce its position as a leading UK certified translation company. With a team of highly skilled and experienced linguists, Accentus provides accurate and reliable translations for a wide range of industries and sectors.

Founded in 2008, Accentus has quickly established itself as the go-to provider of translation services for businesses and individuals in London and across the UK. The company’s reputation for quality and service has earned it a loyal client base, with clients returning time and again for their translation needs.

The services offered by Accentus are extensive and include document translation, website localization, interpreting, and language training. The company also specializes in providing certified translations for legal and official documents, such as birth and marriage certificates, diplomas, and legal contracts. With the increasing demand for certified translations, Accentus has invested in the latest technology and processes to ensure that all translations are completed to the highest standard.

The company’s team of linguists are all native speakers of the target language and have extensive experience in their respective fields. They are all fully qualified and have undergone rigorous training to ensure that they provide accurate and reliable translations. The company’s quality assurance processes are rigorous and ensure that every translation meets the highest standards.

Company Quote

“We’ve all been there before. You wanted to make a big impact on your business or make a big change in your life. You put time and effort into it, but there was no return. And then it all hits you: you don’t know how to get things done. It’s not just that you’ve set these goals and passed the hurdle of getting started; now, you’re faced with an even bigger challenge: navigating the successful path to reach those goals. With our tailor-made solutions, we’ll get the ball rolling and we’ll help turn those goals into worldwide achievements by reaching new markets quickly and efficiently while maximizing gains every step of the way! It doesn’t matter if they’re big or small, you can depend on Accentus Language Services.”

Accentus comprises a network of high-quality, professional linguists who have experience working within specific industries. The company delivers accurate, high-quality translations across all services, including interpreting and translation. Some of the services by Accentus include:

1. Translation and editing

2. Localisation

3. Typesetting

4. Subtitling

5. Dubbing

6. Transcreation

7. Text review

8. Voice-over

9. Interpreting

10. Language consultancy

11. Copywriting

The company’s client base is diverse and includes some of the UK’s leading businesses, government departments, and international organizations. 

Accentus has worked with clients in a wide range of industries, including legal, medical, technical, and financial. The company’s ability to provide accurate and reliable translations in a wide range of languages has made it the go-to provider for businesses and individuals in London and across the UK.

Accentus is committed to providing the best possible service to its clients. The company’s customer service team is available to answer any questions and to provide assistance with any aspect of the translation process. The company’s online ordering system is user-friendly and allows clients to upload their documents for translation and to track the progress of their order.

In conclusion, Accentus Language Services is the leading certified translation company in London. The company’s team of skilled linguists, commitment to quality, and excellent customer service have made it the go-to provider for businesses and individuals in London and across the UK. If you’re in need of translation services, look no further than Accentus Language Services.

London Phone: 0203 910 8797 

Manchester Phone: 0161 841 7287

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