gloWithin Provides Tools to Empower Parents So Children Can Thrive

March 04 00:54 2023

Katie Connolly, of gloWithin, is proud to bring a holistic approach to parenting education. With her extensive training and knowledge in the science of the nervous system and body, Katie offers tools and resources to help promote the well-being of children and families.

At gloWithin, Katie helps parents learn how to recognize and release old patterns, so that they can empower their children to thrive! She understands parents are overwhelmed with demands, expectations, stimuli, lack of sufficient support for families, and (often conflicting) information. This contributes to high rates of anxiety in parents and children, which can wreak havoc on their holistic well-being.

gloWithin’s ultimate purpose is to equip parents with the holistic tools, to take care themselves in order to be present and lead their children by example

Katie teaches parents how to release and heal their subconscious patterns on physical, intellectual, emotional, and energetic levels. Katie states “If we want to raise empowered children and heal generational patterns, this is where we need to begin.”

Through her trauma-sensitive courses, Craniosacral sessions, and online community, Katie strives to empower parents with sustainable self-care routines so they can set the tone for a healthy family nervous system, through co-regulation.

gloWithin is a Mom’s Choice™ Gold Award winner and has collaborated with Motherly, MamasforMamas, and leads workshops for various organizations across Canada.

Katie has dedicated her life’s work to raising consciousness by empowering parents, educators, and children. She believes through this work,we can collectively create strong ripple effects that help strengthen families and communities as a whole.

With its comprehensive resources for parents, gloWithin has become a go-to destination for those seeking holistic support and guidance in raising thriving children. 

Katie’s methods are designed to provide comfort and assurance, no matter what challenges parents and educators may face.

She hopes that by sharing her own story, she can inspire others to deepen their relationship to themselves, in order to lead others by example.

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