Summer Coaching Program Kicking Off for Performers who want to Audition to be an NBA Entertainer

March 09 20:04 2023
Sideline Prep provides individualized coaching for anyone looking to achieve their dreams of becoming a professional basketball cheerleader or dancer.

Believe it or not… cheer and dance life doesn’t have to stop after high school or college.  Many young people dream of becoming professional cheerleaders or dancers but are either unsure of how to do so or don’t even realize it’s an option for them.  There is a lot that goes into becoming a member of a professional entertainment team, from having the right moves to having the right look to having the right mindset to “wow” the judges… but it IS possible to go pro for anyone that has the desire.  Enter the Pro Cheer Playbook Program, by GeNienne Samuels of Sideline Prep.  The Pro Cheer Playbook Program is an international accountability and coaching virtual program that outlines the steps aspiring performers should take to go pro… what to do… how to do it… and if it’s being done right.  The team uses a comprehensive approach to help their clients go pro…. While providing one-on-one feedback, guidance, and coaching along the way 

The first step in helping them prepare is creating a personalized game plan.  This includes working on their mindset and confidence, assessing their current skills and abilities, conducting research on their top teams, and then working with each person to create goals and develop an individualized plan of action. 

The second step is the implementation phase, which involves crafting a   pro cheer look (hair, makeup, audition attire, shoes, interview outfit, etc.), improving their dance ability, technique, tricks, showmanship, performance, and flexibility.  In addition, the Sideline Prep Coaches have a huge focus on creating a healthy lifestyle and habits around nutrition and fitness, to ensure each person can withstand the physical demands of being a professional athlete.  Crash diets and the latest weight loss gimmick are NOT allowed.  To stress the importance of this, their Head Nutrition & Fitness Coach has a degree in weight management, is a registered dietitian, and owns a nutrition and fitness company, Fit With Jeanette Chandler.

The final step focuses on the performance aspect.  This is the phase that brings everything together.  Coaches work with each person to fill out their audition application and select the best pictures to submit.  They also practice interviewing, public speaking, and mastering their personal introduction.  Lastly, there is a mock audition so each person can put their hard work to practice by performing in front of mock judges… to simulate a real audition. 

All these steps come together to bring out the best in people, helping with confidence, feeling prepared and polished, and ready to be a professional! 

GeNienne Samuels, the President/CEO and co-Founder of Sideline Prep says “I started this program to help aspiring professional cheerleaders realize that they have the support, coaching, accountability, and training to improve their skills and mindset to walk into an audition with confidence. Since I had to prepare all alone to make a pro-level team, I didn’t want other women… and men to have to go through the feeling of being alone, scared, and overwhelmed. This program was designed to help people at all levels and skills to get to where they need to be with a community that cares for them so they can nail their next audition… and ultimately become a PRO!”

Samuels adds “This program is unique in that it’s the only program that truly provides a comprehensive, A-to-Z approach to pro cheer preparation. We not only focus on dance, technique, performance, and showmanship,  but we ensure that each candidate walks into an audition being the ‘full package.’ The foundation of our program is mindset and confidence and making sure that we set each person up for success, not only for auditions but in all areas of their life. We also ensure that each person in our program is living a healthy lifestyle around food and fitness and we help them create their unique look for the teams they are auditioning for. We work with each person individually on filling out their application, creating an impressive résumé, and preparing them for a face-to-face interview. Because of this, we’re the only program that can also show results of over 70 percent of our graduates making a team!”

Candidates who have gone through the program have been placed on professional teams on  19  NFL teams so far, including The Dallas Cowboys Rhythm & Blue, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Los Angeles Raiders, Houston Texans, and many more. Other candidates are featured on 15 different NBA teams such as the Washington Wizards, Boston Celtics,  Golden State Warriors, Miami Heat, and others. 

For more information, please visit or @sidelineprep and @sidelineprepjapan on IG. 

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