Blade of The Morning Star: Official Release – A Tale of Love, Honor, Power, and Perception of Truth

March 09 20:18 2023
Blade of The Morning Star: Official Release - A Tale of Love, Honor, Power, and Perception of Truth

For everything in life, there are opposing forces that counter yet balance each other. Where there is up, there is down. A beginning and an end. The Bible depicts that while there is one God, there exists a devil. Before there was man, there were angels. Created to serve God’s will, each angel was given a sword, the more powerful the angel, the more powerful the sword. They were created to serve God, but like all stories, conflict began. Lucifer was one of the most powerful of the angels. In time he began to believe he was more powerful than God. Thus began the war of heaven.

No record showed when the battle began. We only know that Lucifer convinced one-third of the angels to follow his rally. After their defeat, Lucifer and his minions were banished from God’s presence. Unable to defeat God, the fallen angel Lucifer became known as Satan, more commonly referred to as the devil, wanting and seeking to find a way to hurt God and waiting for the day he could exact his revenge.

We all live a life where we make choices based on our thoughts and perceptions of the facts. Conflict in life is unavoidable; the outcome can be such that it can make or change our destiny for the better or worse. The choice is up to you.

Honor and disgrace, respect and contempt, loyalty and treachery, humility and pride, love, and hate are the emotions and morality we behave and act in life. We all experience it. We connect to people based on our shared experiences. Come and connect with the characters from Blade of the Morning Star as we journey through their life and understand their mindset and emotions from our own life’s lessons.

Blade of The Morning Star by Phu D. Ngo is a book that has a very simple message, but the author decided to write it in such a way that strikes the soul of the reader. Who we want to be is not always who we get to be or become. Often we pass the blame to others for all our shortcomings when we are the ones to blame for our choices in life. The freedom to choose is the greatest gift we have. The choices we make or don’t make are ours and ours alone. With an open mind and an open heart, you will see how life can be for the better or worse as you read each character’s heartwarming, martial arts, touching, and mysterious journey. It will take you on an emotional ride as you will love, hate, cry, admire, and connect your experience with theirs.

Blade of The Morning Star is now available on all the online platforms, especially on the author’s website, with the online version being purchased the most.

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