New Book Retells Buddhist Legend With Eastern and Western Spiritual Influences

March 10 22:20 2023
New Book Retells Buddhist Legend With Eastern and Western Spiritual Influences
Author Jenna Ji Min Lee
Jenna Ji Min Lee’s new book, “Heavenly Creatures” features a retelling of the Buddhist legend of Avalokitesvara and Mahasthamaprapta with a twist.

Author and meditative coach, Jenna Ji Min Lee, has released her new fiction book, Heavenly Creatures. The book combines her extensive study and practice of diverse branches of spirituality with her expertise in healing generational patterns.

The inspiration for the book came from Lee’s time living in South Korea, where she learned Korean and Chinese philosophy, history, and culture. As a Korean-American, she had only learned about American and European history, and learning about eastern philosophy helped her to think differently about the world and her place in it. 

Lee also took her own life experiences healing generational patterns to write the entire book, with the exception of the ending, in two months. She took some time to study with her meditation teacher in Nepal and with her new spiritual insights was able to finish and publish her book. Lee credits her teacher for helping her complete the novel. “Unfortunately, my teacher passed away from cancer before I could publish,” Lee says, “I would have loved to share it with him because his teachings were so key to my finishing it. He is basically the Buddhist shopkeeper in the story.”

Heavenly Creatures follows the story of Tara and her older brother, who were eaten by wolves three thousand years ago after their mother abandoned them in the forest. But Tara doesn’t remember any of that. It is only when she meets Sun Wukong, the heavenly Monkey King, that she begins to have dreams and flashbacks to her past lives. Sun convinces Tara to embark on a spiritual quest to unravel her present-day traumas by diving into her past, which is inextricably linked to the present. 

Lee explores the themes of forgiveness and acceptance through spiritual practices. She says that, “healing generational trauma can be difficult, but the rules of engagement are simple.”

Heavenly Creatures will resonate most with lovers of fantasy, those interested in eastern philosophy, and people that enjoy something unique. The book is available as an e-book and the hardcover will be available March 22, 2023.

About Jenna Lee

Jenna Ji Min Lee is the author of the new spiritual fiction book Heavenly Creatures and a meditative coach. She’s been studying spirituality intensively since her time attending Phillips Exeter Academy, has taught a meditation class to over a 100 students at UC Berkeley, and has studied in Nepal with her primary teacher. She is an expert in overcoming generational trauma, improving confidence, and enhancing relational EQ. Her mission is to bring more happiness into the world. A link to her book, Sunday meditations, and coaching can be found at

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