Hip Hop Music From An Introspective And Moving Lens – Dynamic Duo Double Impact Inspire With New Drop “You Don’t Know”

March 11 14:39 2023
Hip Hop Music From An Introspective And Moving Lens - Dynamic Duo Double Impact Inspire With New Drop "You Don’t Know"
Reminiscent of authentic Southern Hip Hop, Double Impact enlighten audiences with their bold and characteristic new release- “You Don’t Know”

Hip Hop’s formidable pair, Double Impact is all set to achieve glory together with their powerful and resonating musical craft. Hailing from Birmingham, the dynamic duo composes of two first cousins- Dilla and Fye who are armed with the goal to share their synergistic perspectives with audiences at large.

Expressive, electrifying, and thoroughly moving- Double Impact’s music is a reverberating and deeply striking experience for audiences. Releasing music worldwide since 2020, the artists decided to fully establish their footprint in the Hip Hop realm by forming their own distinctive label in 2022.

An unparalleled artistic combo, Double Impact continues to drop new music and accompanying videos, introducing audiences to their enigmatic world. Their newest single- “You Don’t Know” was unveiled on March 10th, 2022, and featured the matchless and engrossing stories they have to offer to the world.

Fans of Double Impact describe the rap as relatable, with a nostalgic feel reminiscent of classic southern groups. They pride themselves on telling personal stories that are entirely introspective, rather than trying to cater to a specific stream of audience.

With an aim to invite listeners into the artist’s minds and emotions through their music, Double Impact remains strongly rooted in family values and draws inspiration from various hip-hop eras across all regions, with a significant influence from southern hip-hop. Their ultimate ambition is to keep producing genuine music, promote the label’s growth, and highlight talented southern artists.

Stream, listen, and download Double Impact’s stunning new musical compositions! If you love their exciting music, make sure to subscribe to their official social media platforms, stream their new releases, and take the ride of your life with Double Impact. The artists can also be reached out for collaboration opportunities, interviews, performances, and other queries. Double Impact is only just beginning!


Hailing from Birmingham, Alabama, Dilla (Spencer Woods) and Fye (Brian Crayton) are second cousins. The artist’s grandmothers are sisters, and their mothers are first cousins. The group began initially by Dilla, who was joined by Fye in 2002 after their cousin died from an apparent suicide.

Double Impact released several mix tapes and a couple of CDs as well, between 2008-2010, but could never gain the traction they desired. After a 10-year hiatus in which both artists raised families and pursued careers, 2020 brought a resurgence unlike they’d ever seen. After losing several friends and family members, Fye penned the hook to “So Long”, and a passion for creating real music took over the duo once more, leading to the birth of LLC Double Ego Records.

With fans in over 200 countries, and hundreds of thousands of streams and video watches, the group is well on its way to becoming a mainstay act. Be on the lookout for a full project in early 2023 for Double Impact is here to stay!!


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