R33LZ Launches Innovative Social App to Benefit Creators and Viewers

March 15 23:30 2023
The Ethereum-based project, R33LZ, is a superlative short-video social entertainment platform that creates earning opportunities for both content creators and viewers.

Social media is a game-changer and so is the crypto industry. There is no denying that both these sectors hold unparalleled strength to revolutionize the world to its very core.  R33LZ is a blockchain project that amalgamates these two promising sectors together in the hope of harnessing their strength to offer alluring returns to everyday users.

R33LZ is excited to announce that it will be launching its short-video social media app on March 15, 2023. The application will be available for download on both Google Play and Apple App Stores.

What Is R33LZ?

R33LZ can be best defined as a counterpart or equivalent of the famous ‘TikTok’ app, except that is built on blockchain technology. Having its foundations put up on blockchain gives R33LZ a great edge over traditional social media and networking apps.

R33LZ started off using 4 NFTs of ‘a KID called BEAST’. The team behind the project used the IP of these NFTs for laying down the foundation.   

What Makes R33LZ Better Than Other Traditional Social Networking Apps?    

The idea of getting paid to relax and watch entertaining videos sounds pretty relishing. That’s what R33LZ is all about.

Traditional social networking apps allow content creators to monetize their content and earn money. They deserve some credit for the amount of hard work that they tend to put in. However, there is nothing in there for the viewers. That’s where R33LZ comes in.

The project provides earning opportunities for both, content creators as well as viewers. Creators can monetize their content similarly to the way it’s done on traditional apps while users receive rewards for the amount of time that they spend using the app. The amount of reward and incentives received is proportional to time spent on the app.

Earning Opportunities for Users

For every activity on the platform, users are rewarded with points. These points can be exchanged for various alluring gifts. The firm has a R33WARD store where users can redeem their points to get their hands on amazing stuff such as tablets, laptops, headphones, Amazon gift cards, gaming consoles, and other electronic devices.

Minimal Censorship

The originality of content plays a vital role in determining the user experience. R33LZ understands that the more genuine the content the better the user experience. To achieve this end, the project does not restrict or censor any kind of content, thereby promoting freedom of speech and expression. Users need not worry about being judged.

Deflationary Token

A great way to boost the price of any token is by responding to the increasing demand for the token with the restriction of its supply. This in turn can be attained through burning. R33LZ tokens are burnt every time an exchange is made in the R33WARD store.

Where Does The Money Come From?

Before putting money into an asset, an investor digs deep into the company’s economics. An important aspect that every investor considers is the source of revenue. R33LZ obtains revenue from advertising. The revenue generated supports the platform’s ecosystem.


The R33LZ token has a total supply of 1,000,000 tokens, which is further divided in the following way:

  • 20.4% for rewards

  • 10% for staking

  • 10% for the team

  • 5% for exchanges

  • 5% for marketing

An Adept Team

Every position in the project is occupied by skilled individuals who have years of experience in prominent projects. Alvin Nicholas, the CEO, for example, has made $25 million in sales on Amazon. 

The development team comprises competent figures that have played great a role in many renowned projects.


Having connections in the crypto sphere is highly important. No project to date has managed to thrive without connections. R33LZ has signed deals with marketing experts like Crypto Kid Finance and others to help them embark on the right track.

The project has further selected 3 great social media personalities as R33LZ ambassadors. Visit the project’s website to see all the partners and ambassadors.

Final Words

R33LZ will in no time replace TikTok as the leading choice of people for viewing entertaining short reels.

Furthermore, potential investors and cryptocurrency enthusiasts interested in R33LZ can visit the project’s official website or check out their social platforms for more details.

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