Grand Launching of KAZUNA Placenta Beauty Treatment – Product-based Medical Beauty Revolution

March 21 19:27 2023

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, the action of wearing face masks has integrated into our daily lives for approximately three years. Such a phenomenon contributes to a skin problem commonly occurring among citizens across ages. That being said, most frequently-advertised beauty treatment packages on the market failed to pin down clients’ individual needs. They mostly provide machine-based ‘tailored’ treatments which adversely affect their skin problems. That kept in mind, KAZUNA Japanese Dermatological Centre’s founder Kaze , importing the revolutionary placenta treatment technology and medical beauty mastery. In combination with his professionalism in beauty, he advocates “product-based treatment”, aiming to rectify and transform stereotyped knowledge about medical beauty. The company’s contribution on retaining pristine skin condition of individual clients was validated by professional rating corporations.

There are countless medical beauty centres and companies across all areas in Hong Kong. Most of them promote the use of certain equipment for treatment. KAZUNA diverted themselves from the tradition of the industry. “Skincare product as the core” as the company’s motto, he supplemented: “Most beauty centres develop their treatment routine around medical equipment, such as radiofrequency (RF),  HIFU, laser, ultrasound. No matter what sort of problems clients’ are facing, medical equipment is their way to go regardless of their skin type and condition.

For instance, equipment stated above should never be used for a client with eczema. Immense heat emitted and temperature generated evaporate any remaining moisture from their skin, causing photothermal damage, resulting in emergence of acne, pores or even scars. Medical equipment is unable to eradicate but temporarily alleviate the conditions of a majority of commonly seen skin problems. An excessive use also potentially causes instability of skin condition. The industry turns a blind eye to this serious matter, elevating Kaze’s determination to set up this company, hoping to overthrow stigmatised views on this industry.

To be fair, Kaze’s determination for entrepreneurship does not come out of thin air. When he was still a student years ago, he showed immense interest in the medical beauty industry, especially in skincare and beauty products. Pursuing his dream, he furthered his education on cosmetics, eagering to find the best method of skincare. His interest and habit on facial treatment drove him into purchasing countless various beauty treatments for males. He found out that “equipment-based treatment” is dominant in society.

Every one in the society has a different skin type and condition, relentlessly enforcing the use of equipment as the treatment method will ultimately lead to unsatisfactory results. Kaze frankly brought out his previous consumer experience in a medical centre that he was recommended Pico LASER technology to cleanse uneven skin tone caused by wearing eyeglasses for an extended period of time. He then figured out that other customers might have also experienced doubt and insecurity caused by this kind of “one-treatment-for-all” and “false diagnosis”. Despite the problem being located, Kaze was not able to come up with a solution. He fortunately had a serendipitous encounter with a Japanese doctor specialising in Chinese medicine.

The doctor introduced him with placenta products and technology, and showed him the irreplaceable effect on beauty treatment. Kaze thought that the doctor was only around forty years old, she then clarified that she was actually over sixty, and was using placenta technology to maintain her youthful look. Kaze was amazed. He was then obsessed with doing research on placenta products and relevant technology, to a point where he studied a professional course in Japan, exploring potential of placenta technology in medic, healthcare and beauty. Kaze described his horizon-broadening journey in Japan, fascinated by Japanese beauty experts’ dedication, specialisation and their exquisite attitude towards each and every process in product research, production, inspection, promotion and implementation. Simultaneously, he understood the magical effect of “regeneration” whilst the medical industry in Hong Kong remains conservative. Thereby, the decision of bringing his experience from his unforgettable journey to Japan, utilising the product and technology in treatment design, tailoring effective and efficient treatment options for clients regarding their personal needs and skin condition.

Following the pandemic from 2020, one thing that HongKongers have never parted with is -mask. Due to masks frequently chafing and pressuring your skin, frictional damage could be caused. In addition, combining with constant exposure to antiseptic materials on the mask and sanitising products is highly possible for skin pigmentation, eczema, contact dermatitis or even rosacea. Blindly managing above conditions with medical equipment, high temperature produced in the process is extremely likely to deter wounds from recovering, inflammation is also a possibility, in which both factors are detrimental to skin problems. That was the reason for the emphasis on product-based instead of equipment-based treatment, evading the possibility for external damage and internal pain of the skin, retaining sufficient moisture of the skin and targeting specific skin problems across various customers. The problem of “masked skin” cannot be overlooked. Inappropriate management of the problem may cause irreversible damage to the skin, hence tailored treatment procedures are of utmost importance.

Hence, KAZUNA aims to provide customers with a unique experience with placenta products and technology. Special attention is given to details outside treatment. The interior design of the centre is inspired by a girlish colour tone, alongside furnishings and decorations within the same colour spectrum. The centre also provides Japanese dessert and drinks, all these just to create the dream place of visual and sensual comfort. The uniforms of the technicians are also designed to match our Japanese theme to create an immersive experience for you. KAZUNA’s placenta technology takes advantage of biologically active elements and utilises the technology maximally on healthcare and medical beauty, through secretion of multiple cell growth substances to stimulate the body’s natural repairing function and promote balance of the immune system. Kaze describes this biological process as “a potent leader leading young subordinates to bring revolutionary changes to the skin, escalating the evolution of the skin’s cell biosystem”. Through consumption of our placenta essence and pills, firmness, brightness and elasticity of the skin can be immediately observed. It reacts with your body to retain hydrobalance of your body and promote moisturisation of your face, resolving the issue of uneven pigmentation. The application of placenta on “masked skin” has been proven successful based on the result of previous clients.

KAZUNA’s innovative style and effective technology were credited not only within its industry, they have also been awarded by Singapore’s organisation Analysis Asia with 7th Fastest Growing Beauty Centre, and by local media agencies with Best Japanese Beauty Products and Treatments of the Year in 2022. Despite receiving multiple awards, they do not stop here. They are still fighting to carry forward their core idea and ultimate goal of the creation of this company: “Raising the awareness of product-based treatment plans, offering clients exclusive beauty experience and most importantly, using futuristic technology to fundamentally eradicate any complex skin conditions for all.”

About the Company: 

Based in Hong Kong, the Japanese dermatological centre Kazuna made its name treating skin conditions caused by ‘maskne’. Today, the brand offers personalised beauty and skincare solutions used to treat various skin conditions, incorporating the use of placenta extract. With its team of highly trained dermatologists, state-of-the-art technology, and personalized approach to care, the centre is well-equipped to meet the needs of patients seeking comprehensive dermatological care.

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