Sunshine Charity Association: Cooperate with “Xinda Finance” company to explore the deep integration of finance and charity

April 11 23:28 2023

The New Year, sunshine charity association with “hard” “unreal”, “moment” economy, promoting the development of pragmatic spirit, to enhance charity “hematopoietic function”, help charity development into a steady stream of new forces, as well as to promote social fairness and justice, foster benevolent social fashion play a positive active role, in the world, active market strength organization, expect to reach further cooperation, jointly explore financial and charity depth fusion.


Choosing the right partner is the key to promoting cooperation. After careful selection and inspection, Sunshine Charity Association found that Xinda Financial Fund Management Company, established in Singapore, and the team agree in terms of concept, goals and purpose, and are very ideal partners. In order to realize the cooperation as soon as possible, Sunshine Charity Association sent a professional investigation team (legal adviser, assistant, etc.) to Xinda financial Fund Management Company for a field investigation. With the joint efforts of both sides, Sunshine Charity Association and Xinda Financial Fund Management Company carried out the signing ceremony on the docking project, and quickly established the cooperative relationship.


In the future development process, the team will take the needs of the poor people as the guidance, vigorously invest in the related projects of Xinda Financial Fund Management Company, and strive for accurate and practical results in the expansion of charitable projects, give full play to the exemplary role of charitable trust elites, and drive more social love forces to carry out charitable activities in the form of charitable trusts. It is understood that Xinda Financial Fund Management Company was established in 2004, with a current market value of us $30 billion. After years of development, the company has now applied for listing in the United States, and the head office is located in —— Hong Kong, China. In terms of regional strategy, the company connects two major economic markets in Asia and North America and has a significant advantage in market positioning.

 Team also learned at the same time, the new financial fund management company economic strength, fund service, business scope involving real estate, tourism, infrastructure, electronics, aviation, new energy, foreign exchange, shipping, gold, stock investment, and other industries, with diversified investment characteristics, is a based on the economic globalization market new comprehensive fund company, occupies an important position in the world economic stage. Strong capital strength and diversified financing means are the source power for the team to obtain sustainable development. On this basis, the cooperation projects of the two sides will be more stable guarantee, and their risks will be reduced to a lower level.

 Founded in 2012 in Hong Kong, China, the Sunshine Charity Society is an international public welfare organization. Over the years, the team has always adhered to the concept of “practicing the principle of charity, delivering human warmth”, and actively carried out charity activities around the world, bringing warmth to poor areas and poor people. Through continuous development, the team member has exceeded 150,000 people, and the strength of charity is growing. After the establishment of a long-term, stable and in-depth cooperative partnership with Xinda Financial Fund Management Company, the team public welfare and charity field will continue to explore new paths and new models on the basis of the current development, and finally realize the close integration of finance and charity. Next, we will continue to lead all the members of the Sunshine Charity Association to make contributions to the world charity cause through our efforts.


The trend of win-win cooperation is moving forward, and the pace of openness and integration will never stop. Sunshine Charity Association and Xinda Financial Fund Management Company seek the new ecology of finance and charity is the result of the trend of The Times and the promotion of The Times, but also an important symbol of financial development and the progress of charity. The bilateral cooperation is standing on the right side of history and human progress. It is a positive attempt to build a community with a shared future for mankind. Its development prospects are obvious to all.

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