Author and NLP Coach Angela Wadley Wins Multiple Awards for the Book “The Poison of Perfection”

April 11 23:52 2023
Author and NLP Coach Angela Wadley Wins Multiple Awards for the Book "The Poison of Perfection"
Angela Wadley passionately serves people, encouraging positive behavior that helps them maneuver life’s unchartered territories in her book “The Poison of Perfection.”
The BookFest recognizes and promotes excellence in literature and elevates authors and creatives who contribute outstanding work to the literary world as does Chick Lit Café.

New York, NY, USA – April 11, 2023 – Author and NLP Coach Angela Wadley placed second in the Best Self-help category at The BookFest Awards Spring 2023 for the book “The Poison of Perfection” The BookFest honors authors who create outstanding works of fiction and nonfiction. The BookFest’s dedication to honoring authors is rooted in a belief in the transformative power of literature and a desire to support and celebrate those who create it. Desireé Duffy, Founder of The BookFest, says, “It is important to recognize authors for the role they play in creating and sharing stories that entertain, educate, and inspire readers. Books transport us to new worlds, broaden perspectives, and foster empathy. As the Founder of The BookFest, I believe that by saluting authors and their literary achievements, we elevate the importance of literature in our society.” Wadley says, “Being selected as a winner of The BookFest Awards is an incredible honor. I am grateful to be recognized for the hard work and dedication that went into creating. I hope this award will inspire others to pursue their own literary passions.” For more information about The BookFest Awards and to see the list of winners, please visit the Awards Page on The BookFest website.  To watch the Salute to The BookFest Award Winners video montage or to see recordings of The BookFest videos, please visit the Programming Page of The BookFest Website.

During the same timeframe, Wadley received another outstanding book award. This time taking the grand prize and winning the Chick Lit Café Excellence Award for her book.


The Poison of Perfection: A motivational self-help guide to a contented life 

by Angela Wadley (Author)

Are you tired of the endless pursuit of perfection and the impact it has on your life?

Do you struggle with accepting and celebrating yourself just as you are? If so, “The Poison of Perfection,” written by Angela Wadley, a Board Certified NLP/EFT/Time Techniques Practitioner/Hypnotist & Success Coach, is the book for you.

In this practical and easy-to-implement guide, Angela covers the negative effects of perfectionism on various aspects of your life, including your relationships, career, and personal growth. She provides practical and insightful tips and techniques to help you let go of unattainable perfection and instead pursue excellence, leading to genuine joy and fulfillment.

Whether you struggle with perfectionism in yourself, your dating life, your friendships, or your career goals, Angela’s book has got you covered. She also includes a bonus section on using meditation, yoga, and other activities to help you relax, appreciate your life now, and focus.

As a highly experienced coach and author, Angela’s writing is soaked in profound wisdom and teachings. She shares her knowledge to inspire change and ignite action in her readers.

Her coaching programs have helped numerous people to achieve their desired results, whether it be a loving relationship, better time management, or a more balanced mindset.

Stop hindering your own progress and start living your best life by embracing Angela’s advice in “The Poison of Perfection.” Let’s dive right in!

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Editorial Reviews

The Poison of Perfection is a totally inspiring and encouraging read. Are you unhappy because everything isn’t perfect? Then you need to read this powerful mindset guide to find contentment and peace as you move toward excellence instead of perfection.

We are often our ‘own worst enemy’ making decisions from a not-so-perfect ethos… because without always fully realizing it, we are striving toward perfection. But perfection doesn’t exist! If you think it does, you really need to read this book. It’s an eye-opener! Wadley shows us that striving for perfection does nothing but lead to discontentment and dissatisfaction. The very easy-to-understand and follow steps in this wonderful guide can help you change how you see things and usher you toward contentment and happiness. The book explains how seeking perfection can seriously affect how you see yourself, your friends, your partners, and your career. 

Angela Wadley obviously cares about people; her desire to see people achieve fulfillment comes through all the pages of this revitalizing, self-help, personal growth, and development book. The Poison of Perfection is a motivational book that empowers you by giving you strategies for self-improvement. I have a feeling it is going to change my life forever! It comes very highly recommended by Chick Lit Café.  

Angela Wadley couldn’t have said it clearer and more explicit on what a perfection mentality can destroy. The poison of perfection labels all aspects of an individual’s life, including career, relationships, lifestyle, and spiritual matters. This book dives deep and makes you love yourself just the way you are. Keeping in mind that the goal is to better every day and that this perfectionism life that is thrown at us every day is completely unreal. Apart from this, she gives us insights and tips to apply to our everyday life to reach that better and better pattern; we should strive for excellence, not perfection, because what is there after perfection? OnlineBookClub Review  

This book is so easy to read. It is a stimulating, inspiring, encouraging, and empowering book. One of those improves yourself books that deserve to be read. OnlineBookClub Review 

The Poison of Perfection is captivating and educational, and it has reshaped my mentality toward striving to be perfect in every area of life. I enjoyed reading this book by Angela Wadley. I rate it a perfect 5 out of 5 stars. I recommend it to people constantly striving to be perfect in every area of their life to the detriment of their joy and happiness. OnlineBookClub Review

Reading this book has opened my eyes to the basic expectations that destroy me instead of aiding in growth. In light of this, I have noted things I need to change as an individual. I feel this book speaks to every individual doubting their potential and lacking confidence. It goes beyond confidence into self-discovery. I recommend this book to people who want to improve their lives and be genuinely happy. OnlineBookClub


Angela Wadley is a Board-Certified NLP/EFT/Time Techniques Practitioner/Hypnotist & Success Coach, Dating Mentor, Certified Life/Transformational/Solution-Focused/Positive Psychology Coach, Certified Yoga Instructor, Reiki Master, and Author. She passionately serves people, encouraging positive behavior that helps them maneuver life’s unchartered territories. Angela encourages people to achieve their desired results, be it a loving relationship, better time management to help with their busy lifestyles, or a more Zen/balanced mindset. Angela has published books on time management, Reiki, and the silent “joy-killer”… perfectionism! Her writings are soaked in profound wisdom and teachings that she shares in discerning ways to inspire change and ignite action in her readers. Her coaching programs help people to focus on their goals and desires and encourage the behavior that gets them on their desired paths.

When she’s not helping people thrive, she enjoys traveling, wine tasting, and listening to music. She is also happily married and enjoys spending time with her husband and 2 fur babies.

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