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May 05 23:42 2023 is an American company offering free resignation letter templates and an abundance of educational resources regarding resignation letters.

Numerous life events and circumstances can lead an individual to resign from their current job. Whether it be prioritizing personal health, family issues, better opportunities in different jobs, or general dissatisfaction with the current position, many people feel the need to withdraw from their job to focus their attention elsewhere.

To ensure anyone can write a well-crafted document of departure, offers free resources for employees seeking help with writing a letter of resignation. was founded by Preston Shell, a family law attorney with years of experience in family law and other legal fields. Preston wanted to help employees educate themselves about the formalities regarding resignation and provide them with the tools required to create a concise letter of resignation.

As Preston states, many employees have never written such a letter before and usually don’t know where to start. Instead of unnecessarily wasting money on lawyers, employees now can create a valid resignation document on their own. Preston said that this is a crucial moment in the transition period, which is equally important for both sides in the contract and as such should be approached professionally:

“Resigning from a job can be a difficult decision, but sometimes it’s necessary to move on to new opportunities or to address personal issues. Writing a resignation letter is an important step in the process, as it provides a formal record of your decision to leave and can help ensure a smooth transition for both you and your employer,” said Preston. offers a range of templates, each fitting a different situation or cause for resignation. From standard resignation letters and immediate resignation letters to retirement, relocation, and short-notice resignation letters to maternity leave resignation, voluntary, and Thank You resignation letters to Resignation letters for health issues and more, this website covers it all. 

In most cases, employees are either obliged or expected to give notice before leaving their job so that the transition does not hurt the employer, and the soon-to-be ex-employee often needs to finalize active projects and train a new employee that will occupy their position. However, there are situations where the employee wants to urgently terminate their job contract. This is where Effective Immediately resignation letters come into play. 

An Immediate Resignation Letter or Effective Immediately Resignation Letter is a document through which the employee informs their employer that they are leaving the job without prior notice. 

“The need for an immediate resignation letter has become increasingly vital as an escalating number of workers in the US are either leaving or contemplating leaving their jobs. In 2022 alone, over 4 million individuals quit their jobs, underscoring the necessity of a well-crafted and timely resignation letter,” Preston continued.

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