Lancaster Family Paving Explains Signs That a Driveway Needs Repair

May 06 08:09 2023
Lancaster Family Paving Explains Signs That a Driveway Needs Repair
Lancaster Family Paving is a leading paving company. In a recent update, the company outlined signs that a driveway needs repair.

Lancaster, OH – In a website post, Lancaster Family Paving highlighted the signs that a driveway needs repair.

The paving contractor Lancaster mentioned that the most obvious sign that a driveway needs repair is the emergence of pool-like cracks or massive deep potholes. These may be caused by damage from tree roots or by the increased weight on the driveway from vehicles. Sometimes, more than fixing these cracks with patchwork will be needed, as water and dirt will eventually seep in and cause further damage. Neglecting to repair these issues can eventually lead to the driveway being unsafe to use. 

The asphalt contractor Lancaster stated that another sign is when the asphalt of a driveway becomes jumpy or undulates. This is usually the result of either erosion or the soil beneath the driveway shifting or moving. This can become a hazard while backing out of the driveway, as the car may roll on uneven ground. 

Lastly, the paving company Lancaster noted that discoloration, fading, or patchy-looking asphalt on the driveway could also indicate that repaving or resurfacing is needed. Small patchy and irregularly spaced areas of asphalt across the driveway will be a prime indicator that something may need to be done. The repair required in this issue may range from simple patching maintenance to a complete replacement.

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Lancaster Family Paving is a top-rated paving company serving commercial and residential clients in and around Lancaster, OH. With years of experience and training, their team provides the best repair solutions and helps extend the driveway’s life and make it safer for all users. They know that asphalt projects are a significant investment, so they talk with their customers about their concerns and perform high-quality paving work they can count on.

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