ARVIVID Celebrates the Art of Giving with a Fresh Collection of Prints for Any Occasion

May 06 10:33 2023
Online art gallery ARVIVID has announced a new collection of prints ideal for any occasion, from birthdays to graduations to housewarmings. The gallery offers a variety of art prints, including open, limited edition, and original pieces, catering to different styles and tastes. ARVIVID recommends personalized options for birthdays and retirements and choosing a piece that speaks to the couple’s wedding interior style.

Gift-giving can be daunting, even if an individual knows someone well. But art is a versatile and personalized option that can be tailored to any event or recipient. Whether it’s a birthday, retirement, wedding, graduation, or housewarming, ARVIVID fine art prints, photography, or original art can help one celebrate and honor the special moments in life.

For birthdays or retirements, the gallery suggests adding a personal touch to a buyer’s selection by riffing off the recipient’s history or shared memory. Photographs are stress-free and versatile for those with unknown artistic taste or interior style. For adventurous souls or underwater explorers, Gustavo Costa’s Underwater Delicacy is a bright and beautiful reminder of the world’s beauty.

Weddings are another opportunity to give a meaningful gift that the couple will treasure for years. Choose a piece that speaks to their interior style, whether contemporary, industrial, or eclectic. Iguazu by Marta Mikkelson is a striking and attractive piece that creates a calm but intriguing space in a new modern home.

Graduations are a time for new beginnings, and ARVIVID suggests commemorating the turning of a new page with stunning floral prints by Tania Guaqueta or poetic perspectives such as Cycling Alone by Sara Goli.

For housewarmings or other celebrations, ARVIVID recommends choosing pieces that are energizing, pleasant, and not overly dominant in an interior. Jaime Ortiz’s New Neighborhoods is a welcoming and versatile photograph perfect for any space and home. Alternatively, more abstract works such as Illuminated I by Ruth Design can blend into edgy and chic interiors.

“Instead of taking a chance with the most expensive bottle of red, why not give something with a meaningful intention that withstands time? Your thoughtful offering will be integrated and appreciated as part of a story, a place, and a home for the years to come,” says ARVIVID.

ARVIVID’s online gallery offers various art prints that cater to different styles and tastes. From limited edition prints to original pieces, there is something for everyone. Their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has made them a favorite among art collectors and gift-givers.

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