James Scott Brown Foundation Announces Events and Briefings to Combat Child Abuse and Exploitation

May 12 04:06 2023

Washington, D.C. – Philanthropist James Scott Brown announces the launch of the James Scott Brown Foundation’s event and briefing series, focusing on collaboration and knowledge-sharing in the fight against child abuse and exploitation. The foundation is dedicated to hosting regular briefings and events that bring together researchers, experts, advocates, and policymakers to discuss initiatives, activist work, legislation, and strategies for promoting child protection.

Founder James Scott Brown states, “Our events and briefings are essential to fostering collaboration, sharing knowledge, and driving change in the field of child protection. By bringing together experts from various disciplines, we can work together to find innovative solutions and make a tangible difference in the lives of vulnerable children.”

The foundation’s events and briefings cover a wide range of topics related to child abuse and exploitation. Examples of events include expert panel discussions, legislative briefings, and advocacy events, all designed to create opportunities for learning, networking, and collaboration among professionals in the field.

How to get involved:

  1. Attend an event or briefing: Stay informed about the latest developments in child protection by attending one of the foundation’s expert panel discussions, legislative briefings, or advocacy events.
  2. Connect with the foundation: If you are interested in attending an event or getting involved with the James Scott Brown Foundation and its network of NGOs, institutes, and think tanks, contact the foundation for more information.
  3. Share your knowledge and expertise: Consider presenting at an event, joining a panel discussion, or collaborating with the foundation in other ways to help advance the cause of child protection.

To learn more about the James Scott Brown Foundation, its events and briefings, and how to get involved, please visit www.jamesscottbrownfoundation.com

About the James Scott Brown Foundation:

The James Scott Brown Foundation is a philanthropic initiative dedicated to protecting and improving the lives of children at risk of abuse and exploitation. By offering comprehensive services to its partners, the foundation aims to create a powerful collective voice that drives change and influences policy in the field of child protection.


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