Prominent immigration law firm Balcells Group shares insight on non-working residency in Spain

May 12 23:33 2023

“Through our personalized and step-by-step legal assistance, we help foreigners easily move to Spain and ensure they are up to date with all their legal needs.”

Full of jargon and complex processes, understanding laws can be complicated and downright boring. Immigration laws are even more so as foreigners try to figure out the ways of a new country. Balcells Group, a prominent immigration law firm, helps break down the complexities of immigration, taxes, business, and real estate in Spain. With over 40 years of experience, the firm demonstrates a firm grasp of the laws and offers a personalized approach to help ease clients into the process, facilitating a seamless experience.

Many people dream of living or retiring in a foreign country but don’t know how to go about it. The complex visa application processes often discourage people from pursuing these dreams, not to mention the lack of knowledge on the types of visas available. Balcells Group recognizes these challenges and has taken it upon itself to share its expertise on non-working residency in Spain. Balcells Group introduces people to non-lucrative and other visas to help them understand how to attain residence in Spain.

What is a non-lucrative visa?

A non-lucrative visa is a foreign concept to most people. With a non-lucrative visa, expats can reside in Spain without engaging in paid work. Usually, this type of visa is temporary and is issued to individuals that can financially support themselves in the new country, retirees, or freelancers. Balcells Group helps people navigate the process of applying for or requesting an extension for this type of visa. For a non-lucrative residence permit in Spain, foreign nationals must provide their passport, medical certificate, criminal records, and proof of financial resources like bank statements and source of income. The applicant must have a minimum of 26,000 euros. 

Is there a retirement visa in Spain?

Though Spain doesn’t issue retirement visas, there is an alternative option for people wishing to retire there. Typically, a retirement visa allows foreign nationals to live in a new country for an extended period or permanently as long as they meet the necessary criteria. In Spain, the equivalent of this visa can be the Golden visa which allows non-EU nationals to obtain residency permits in Spain in exchange for investing in the country. This type of visa can lead to permanent residency once specific requirements are fulfilled. 

Balcells Group is recognized as a trusted immigration law firm dedicated to providing clients with all the legal information and updates they need to enjoy a seamless living experience in Spain. The firm leverages social media platforms and its YouTube Channel to educate foreign nationals about the legal requirements in Spain and solve any issues for foreign nationals. “No matter your country of origin, current situation, or plans in Spain, we make it happen.”

Besides providing immigration assistance, Balcells Group helps expats optimize taxes, buy or sell real estate in the country or establish a business. The team of professionals at Balcells Group, consisting of several generations of lawyers, helps individuals and families easily navigate the legal processes. The firm offers tailored solutions to support foreign nationals settling in Spain. 

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