ArmadaBoost adds pre-orders to their Diablo 4 category

May 23 13:12 2023

ArmadaBoost, a big boost shop, has published several new Diablo 4-related products as pre-orders on their website letaley. The shop is getting ready for the Diablo 4 release that is scheduled for June 6. The industry as a whole has been preparing for one of the biggest launches of the year since the beginning of 2023: many websites have already prepared landing pages and respective sections in their catalogs. ArmadaBoost was one of the first shops to do that and now, as the release date is getting closer, they have widened the range of their initial offers for the newest game in the Diablo franchise.

What products have been added?

ArmadaBoost has added 2 new services to their catalog:

  • Hourly Driving
  • Story Completion

They have also updated the Paragon Level Boost product to better reflect the changes to the paragon system. It’s safe to assume that until the game is released, most of the products related to it are not final and many things are expected to change. ArmadaBoost’s strategy includes that room for change but it also includes a constant discussion with professional players who have experienced the game’s beta. Hence ArmadaBoosts’s products combine general expectations of the game and the expertise of players who have already played the game, although in its pre-release build.

Now to the new additions themselves: Hourly Driving is similar to other hourly products that ArmadaBoost has created for other games too in recent years. Such services have been a success for games with similar busy leveling process like World of Warcraft Classic and New World. Although those 2 games are of a different genre they still have numerous similarities in many of their systems to those of Diablo 4. The concept of Hourly Driving is letting customers decide how they want to distribute their professional player’s time, which activities they want them to do. It is a kind of a very flexible professional service that can be very welcome among the group of players who prefer being in the complete control of their boost.

The Story Completion boost is expected to undergo changes after the release. The main idea of it is to let customers skip various parts of the story campaign that might seem too slow-paced for some players. Reports from the beta indicate that there’s a high possibility of at least some parts of this game mode (story) being not as exciting as players would like it to be. So it would make sense for players who find some chapters of the story boring, to consider getting help from professionals with the story completion boost.

What are the further plans for the Diablo 4 section?

ArmadaBoost expects Diablo 4 to be a successful release that many players will play for at least several years. The game, according to ArmadaBoost, seems to be full of all kinds of content and there’s expected to be numerous forms of team-based activities which is guaranteed to make a game more long lasting than games without them. If the developers (Blizzard) have managed to reach the right balance of solo and group activities, the game can be expected to overcome most other Blizzard’s games in terms of popularity.

As soon as the release happens, ArmadaBoost is ready to start working on updating their already existing services and adding more new ones. If the game lives up to the expectations, the Diablo 4 section might become one of the most popular in the catalog and be placed among the top-3 game categories on the home page. You can find the Diablo 4 section on the ArmadaBoost website by following the link below:

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