Hasnae Taleb, known as the “Shewolf of Nasdaq,” declares that the UAE embodies the new essence of the American Dream

May 24 22:16 2023

Hasnae Taleb is a pioneering former Stock Trader, Investor, and Entrepreneur known for her remarkable achievements in the financial world, including being the first Arab and African woman nominated as The Shewolf of Nasdaq, a leader in global multi-million investment initiatives and board member of the American Chamber of Commerce in the UAE.  

In this interview, we were intrigued to inquire about the reasons behind Hasnae Taleb’s departure from Wall Street, where she achieved international record-breaking accomplishments and sought stability in the UAE.

What motivated you to relinquish the American Dream in the US and pursue a permanent residence in the UAE?

“I think the UAE is the New American Dream.” she says. “The United Arab Emirates occupies a unique geopolitical position in the Middle East and that’s what keeps attracting investors like me to the country.” she added.

“The UAE has emerged as a major economic power in the region. It has a diverse and robust economy, with sectors such as oil and gas, finance, tourism, real estate, and logistics contributing significantly to its GDP. Dubai, in particular, has gained prominence as a global financial center and a hub for trade, tourism, and innovation.”, Hasnae said.

She also says: “The UAE is located on the eastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula, overlooking the Persian Gulf. Its proximity to major global shipping routes and its strategic position between Europe, Asia, and Africa have contributed to its importance in global trade and transportation. Adding to that, the country’s political stability has played a role in attracting foreign investment and fostering economic growth.”

What are your thoughts on the strategic investment opportunities in the UAE? Do they align with your aspirations and dreams?

“I think that the UAE has positioned itself as a hub for investment and finance innovations in the Middle East.”. Hasnae says that The UAE boasts two prominent financial centers, Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Dubai, in particular, has emerged as a global financial hub, attracting international businesses and financial institutions. These centers provide a favorable environment for investment and finance activities, with state-of-the-art infrastructure and a robust regulatory framework.” If I want to talk about venture capital and investment funds, the country has seen a surge in venture capital investment and the establishment of investment funds. Both government-led initiatives and private sector players have contributed to the growth of the venture capital ecosystem, supporting startups and innovative projects in various sectors.

What do you think about the current situation of investment funds in the UAE vs. the US?

Well I think that the US offers a wide range of investment opportunities across various sectors and asset classes. Its financial markets, such as the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and NASDAQ, attract both domestic and international investors. The UAE, while experiencing significant growth in investment opportunities, particularly in sectors like real estate, infrastructure, and technology, may not offer the same breadth and depth of investment options as the US. 

On the other hand, the US investment fund market is globally recognized and attracts investors from around the world due to its size, liquidity, and established track record. While the UAE has made enormous efforts to position itself as an international investment destination, it may still be building its reputation and global appeal in comparison but I love how the UAE is working hard day and night and they have outperformed and built this whole ecosystem in less than 15 years.

Hasnae Taleb concludes by saying that the UAE’s ambitious vision, strategic investments, and proactive initiatives position it as a serious contender in the race to become a leading global financial hub and this whole drive is inspiring to me.

The UAE is strongly committed and making diligent efforts to become a top global financial hub, vying with renowned centers like New York, London, Singapore, and Hong Kong. Specifically, Dubai and Abu Dhabi have made considerable progress in establishing themselves as prominent financial hubs and positioning themselves as strong competitors to these global counterparts.

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