API International Consulting Group Emerges As Premier Choice For Global Clients Looking For Investigations, Intelligence, Training, and Consulting

May 26 00:26 2023
API International Consulting Group Emerges As Premier Choice For Global Clients Looking For Investigations, Intelligence, Training, and Consulting
Mr. Komorek inspects the Duga Radar system, known as the “Soviet woodpecker.
Known for his exceptional investigation skills, Mr. Komorek is helping global private, corporate, government, and legal community clients to identify, isolate, and solve problems and obstacles.

API International Consulting Group is quickly making its name across America, Asia, Africa, and Europe by assisting organizations across various industries in navigating the complexities of today’s rapidly evolving business landscape. Offering investigative, intelligence, consulting, and training services on a global scale, API International Consulting Group draws upon the knowledge and experience of specialists and professionals from a wide range of fields to recognize, isolate, and resolve issues and challenges experienced by their global private, corporate, governmental, and legal community clients.

As evident, API International Consulting Group is the brainchild of Stephen Komorek, who is best known for negotiating the release of an American citizen sentenced to death in a Chinese prison in 2018. Praising his world-class detective skills, Brigadier General (RET) David Hicks said, “Stephen investigated corruption and human trafficking on a worldwide scale while assisting our allies and partners globally. I witnessed firsthand Mr. Komorek’s abilities in a complex and challenging environment.

After spending his early years in state-run homes and living on the streets, Stephen joined the military and worked with various government agencies, where he honed his critically acclaimed detective skills. Today, he works in the private sector with an unwavering focus on solving impossible problems and helping those who have nowhere left to turn.

According to the now retired Command Sergeant Major Wafa of the Afghan National Army, Special Operation Command, “Since the fall of Afghanistan, Mr. Komorek has designed, implemented, and executed a national strategy of humanitarian efforts for the Afghan people. He has been responsible for aiding tens of thousands of Afghan lives.”

About Stephen Komorek 

Stephen Komorek is a well-known licensed private investigator, consultant, and investigator who leads a philanthropic life in his spare time.

About API International Consulting Group

With a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities presented by international expansion, API International Consulting Group is a leading consulting firm that offers tailored strategic solutions to help businesses thrive in the global landscape. Learn more at https://apiconsultinggroup.com/

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